A Woman Brings A Coyote To Her Baby Confusing It For A Dog

Have you ever spotted a cute little puppy wandering in the cold and instantly wanted to take him home with you? Firstly, make sure it`s not something else. A coyote, for example.

Isn`t kind of impossible to confuse those right? Not for Kayla Eby. She sent a photo to her husband Justin Bogh explaining how beautiful it would be if this “cute little dog” could share their home with them. She already brought it home and send a photo to her husband – the coyote next to her little child on the sofa. His reaction still makes the Internet laugh. He even asked for divorce jokily.

It was obviously a coyote!

Kayla, a preschool teacher from Seaside, Oregon just pranked her husband. The picture was created in Photoshop. Still, his reaction was priceless! Read below.


Image credits: Kayla Eby



Source: sciencevibe

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