Are Aliens From The Future Trying To Save Earth…From Ourselves?

Are ET’s or aliens from the future interfering in our government to help save us from ourselves? And save Earth in the process?  And are they really from the future? James Gilliland, founder of Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence, certainly seems to think so.

In an interview, Gilliland stated the Anunnaki, along with other higher dimensional beings and the Council of 12, are working to bring our civilization and planet into higher states of consciousness. And it is possible that they are from the future!

Gilliland was interviewed by Alfred Lambremont Webre III and confirmed the belief that the ones who created religions and are running the shadow governments are the fallen Anunnaki.

“They operate under Universal Law and they are calling these fallen ones (the ones who have kept us enslaved for millennia) before the council. They will have to stand before this council and deal with what they have done that was out of alignment with Universal Law,” Gilliland said. “They are also working with the Pleiadians, Andromedans, the Arcturians, and the other beings in conjunction together to remove the fallen ones and the Reptilian Alliance.”

Gilliland also stated that Marduk brought in the reptilians and other malevolent groups in order to become the supreme leader of everything.

“At some of the height of these Illuminati rituals, they’re calling on these beings…these demonic or regenerative ET’s as well as these fallen Anunnaki for power, abilities or information,” Gilliland said. “That’s been removed. Pretty soon, these guys are just on their own.”

Gilliland continued on to call the powers “puppets” who have “lost that connection.” Now, he argues, they just continue to make mistakes. Gilliland believes that our planet has been infused with numerous light-source energies which have “expedited the awakening process magnanimously while taking down the dark energies who have been controlling us, including the darkness within all of us through the healing of old wounds.”

In addition to the Anunnaki and 6th and 5th dimensional “cat-like” beings, Gilliland believes higher 7th dimensional, 17-foot tall feline-like beings are on the planet. These beings he argues, are responsible for changing the frequencies in Jerusalem and “resetting the grid to help the planet shift.”

In essence, these beings are taking down the old grid while bringing in a new 5D grid to help transform humanity into a higher dimension of consciousness.

“Some people are going to go into 4D, some are going to go into 5D,” he argues. “It just depends on your consciousness and where you’re at when these energies press in.”

Gilliland stated that those who are living in lower vibrations “are not frequency specific to what’s happening or coming and they’re totally out of alignment with what’s happening. This energy creates a quickening and an acceleration of the action/reaction of their karma. It’s accelerated the stuff that’s hidden, it will come up to the surface. They’re all going to be seen for what they are and what they’ve done. That’s not going to be pretty in the end. A lot of them, especially when they cross over, they’re going to have their life review. They’re going to have to stand in front of some amazing light beings and review everything they’ve done to and feel the pain and suffering they’ve inflicted on others. They’re in a no-win situation. They are so far out of alignment with Universal Law that’s coming to the Earth and they’re not in alignment with these energies coming in.”

In other words, those who are working against humanity’s best interests will get left behind with one another.
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