Killer Wasps On The Loose! And They Kill The Unlucky Few!

From Bullet Ants – to Asian Giant Horned Wasps to Tsetse Flies – these suckers are to be avoided at all costs!

At the top of the list, we might put the giant hornet because if you see this guy close up – it might be the last thing you ever see! Just look at the size of the stinger! The Asian giant hornet is affectionately known as the yak-killer hornet. It is the world’s largest hornet, native to Eastern Asia. The average hornet has a body length of 2 inches, a wingspan of about 3 inches, and stinger of a quarter inch. The ones pictured above are the queens. Asian giant hornets can be found all over the world, mainly in China and Japan, but have been spotted in central Europe and coasts of the United States.

They feed primarily on larger insects and honey from honey bee colonies. Each year in both Japan and China, the human death toll caused by Asian giant hornet stings is around 30 to 40. The sting delivers a particularly potent venom and the sensation is described as having a glowing iron rod jammed into your body. Like with any bee or wasp sting, most people who die, die of anaphylactic shock.

Source: sciencevibe

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